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The physicians and counselors at Adieu Medical understand that addiction is a mental health issue, not a moral failing. We treat every patient with compassion and understanding. We will learn about you and your specific situation to provide unique, individualized care..

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What happens when you come to our center?

What happens when you come to our center?

When you visit us, we'll create an outpatient treatment plan based on your needs and goals. You'll develop long-term recovery strategies while we assess your clinical, psychiatric and medical condition. Medical issues that can worsen or contribute to addiction need to be identified and treated for recovery to happen.

Opioid treatment includes medically-assisted detox and continued maintenance aimed at long-term recovery. Our program is designed to recognize and treat changing patient needs including dual diagnosis and coexisting conditions.
We accept patients 18 years of age and older. You can access additional therapy options and support groups. Twelve-step programs are encouraged but not required. Our fundamental goal is to ultimately end drug dependency.

Adieu Medical is conveniently located in the Oil Center and Medical Center area of Lafayette, Louisiana. Contact us today to get started on your recovery plan.

Meet the Staff at Adieu Medical

Meet our Staff:

Dr. John LaMartina

Board Certified Addiction Medicine specialist

Certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM)and Board Certified in Emergency Medicine (ABEM)
Has over 35 yrs. of experience as a physician.
Provides evaluation, diagnosis and treatment in addition to detoxification programs.
Experienced in substance abuse treatment and also provides relapse prevention services to ensure successful results.

Dr. Tyson Olds

Addiction Specialist/Nutritionist

Trained in addiction medicine, anesthesiology and pain management. Has undergone specialized training in functional integrative medicine and can provide tailored, evidence-based recommendations incorporating indicated medicines and nutrition optimization. Experienced in substance abuse, mental health and provides medication assisted treatment (MAT) options, detox, physician counseling and outpatient recovery support.

Stephanie LaMartina

Practice Administrator/Recovery Coach

Lindsey Deshotel

Office Manager/Patient Liaison

Elektra Fortune

Office Administrator